This warm weather almost has me fooled into thinking it really is spring. There’s a part of me that relishes in the warmth and another that knows no snow means no water in the spring, and no water in the spring means dry, dry, dry.

We live on a teeny little lake. More of a glorified puddle really, but water nonetheless. Without the spring run-off it fades away into a distant muddy memory, and that’s a bit scary. We really have a feel for the whole ‘global warming’ thing up here in the once, Great White North. In the past 10 years it has gone from several weeks of -30 to -40 weather in the winter, to a few days if we are lucky. You may wonder why anyone would think -30 is a good thing, but it really is. Without it the pine beetle runs amuck and kills over 14.5 million hectares of our pine forest. The snow pack melts early and we end up with wicked drought.  As you can imagine when 14.5 million hectares of our forests are dead what an enormous risk drought is to us.

So join with me in a chorus of ‘Let is Snow, let it snow, let it snow’.

And maybe a little prayer.


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  1. I’ll sing for you for snow and me for sun. I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for sunlight. Of course, where I’m at, we’re currently suffering the worst air quality in the US because of a wicked inversion so maybe I would welcome some snow, huh?

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