About Us

I am a wannabe homesteader. Last year I began the journey into self-sufficiency, and this year I hope to produce (with the help of our animals:) all of our dairy and meat from our 2.5 acres along with much of our veggie needs. My husband and I are hoping to open a small business selling goat milk products in the next few years. We raise Nubians, which in our opinion are the most beautiful goats in the world. I have also started a small Chantecler chicken flock this past year and I am enjoying these very rare birds (less than 2000 left in the world). Feel free to ask questions and look around!

Some pictures from our farm 2009!


3 Responses

  1. Fab!! I do think you need another tab for “animals of a different sort”…lol

  2. Beautiful pictures Chelsea!

  3. Beautiful! Call me, I seemed to have lost your phone number. I love you, Anna

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