My Nubians

Here you will find my girls.  The does are all registered, bred to a registered buck and due to kid in late April 2010. 

If you would like to buy a goat listed ‘for sale’, or place a hold on a 2010 kid, please contact me via e-mail for more information.


Chloe was one of my first goats and she has taught me so much. She gave birth to our farms’ first kid, a buckling named Fionn, and she taught me how to milk. She will always hold a special place on our farm and will be a lifetime resident.


There is a certain irony in Rose’s name. Of all my goats she is the most solidly built and a born leader. There is nothing ‘rose-like’ about her, and yet her name suits. I suspect she will give us some beautiful big babies in the spring. This will be her first kidding, and I have no doubt she will do a marvelous job.


My favorite goat of all.  When I first went to buy my goats I was immediately drawn to Chloe and Rose, but Sasha didn’t really appeal to me. She wasn’t for sale then, so it really didn’t matter. Then, a year later I went to buy several more and Sasha was available. I was immediately drawn to her gentle disposition. I was warned she was a bit ‘sensitive’, but that didn’t stop me.  She is very gentle and sweet. She is a wonderful milker and her first kidding produced three of the most lovely little does. Chloe and Sasha are sisters.


When I was looking for a few more goats at the beginning of the summer, I came across Cairan’s pictures on a friends  site (this picture!). She was the cutest little black baby. I bought her on the spot.


This is one goat I loved at first sight. Unfortunately for me her owners felt the same way I did and wanted to keep her. As the summer progressed they decided to sell her and a few others, and I was first in line for Deirdre. There is something almost mournful about Dierdre’s eyes and she is an incredibly beautiful, uniquely colored goat. I am very grateful that I was able to add her to my herd.

Fionn (wether for sale)

Our first baby. This picture was taken ten minutes after his birth. This little boy is a cuddle bug. When he was small enough he would curl up in my lap and sleep while his mom browsed. I wish had more space so I could keep him. His birth taught me as much about goats as his mom (Chloe) did when she first came. The birth itself was amazing (I will post the video soon), then came the feeding, disbudding, and castrating. It’s amazing that he and I made it through all that at all! He will make someone a wonderful pet.


3 Responses

  1. We would love to come for a visit! Wow, you really are making the most out of the area you have way to go.
    Are you selling eggs as well?
    How is your cheese coming along? What is your favorite culture to work with?
    Have you met Josie Nairn?We bought our first goat from her .We had some success milking her after her birth to her baby.The chilcotin is harsh though and we lost her last year. When was Fionn born ?
    What is Nubian milk like. What is the content of cream ratio?
    So many questions!
    Your children must just love your li’ farm
    :0 Shannon

    • Shannon,
      I will be selling eggs again in the spring.
      I won’t be making cheese again until the milking season starts up again in May. I don’t have a favorite culture yet. This year will be my first serious cheesemaking year. I wll be making soft chevre, colby and feta.
      No, I haven’t met Josie. I bought mine fro a good firend in 100 Mile, Holly Stewart of Lorien Nubians.
      Fionn was born in June.
      Nubian milk is wonderful. It has the highest butterfat content of all goat milks. I will be posting details about it in a few days.
      Yup, my kids are loving it here.
      See you son.

  2. Saw you on CLIACV blog and came over to say “hi”. I have 2 Nubians. These are my very first goats ever! They ae going to kid in early May. I make goat milk soap. Your girls are very cute. But then I think all Nubians are cute.

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